Data Protection Policy of “EVENT PLUS BG”

Due to all private data protection requirements, “EVENT PLUS” (referred to as EVENTPLUS throughout this document), owner of the website, accepts the obligation to protect your data in relation to a transparent data storage and processing.

The data confidentiality policy of EVENTPLUS has been designed in compliance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Union and according to both European and Bulgarian laws. This document concerns the following key points:

  1. What are the common methods for data protection?
    II. How to stay informed in the event of changes in the data protection policy?
    III. How to stand up for your rights?
    IV. What are your data protection rights?
    V. Why do we collect and process data?
    VI. Do we use cookies to process your data?
    VII. What is the data storage period?
    VIII. What are the purposes of data processing?
    IX. What kind of data do we collect?

We are responsible for the processing and storing of your data, and all our actions are strictly based on transparency and security principles. You can always ask a question related to data processing methods. Send your questions to


I. What kind of data do we collect?

When you register on our website or when you send an inquiry, we receive the following data:

  • Name, surname, and family name;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address;
  • Financial information is collected when clients use credit/debit cards or bank transfers to pay for our services. All the data related to these operations is stored.

II. What are the purposes of data processing?

Our primary purpose is to be able to provide the best service for you after you register.

Payment data may be stored and used by EVENTPLUS after you purchase a service. We store the payment documents, and we issue an invoice. This data is used in case of a partial or full refund.

Your contact data may be used by our team for marketing purposes. The email address you give us when registering and creating an account may be used for direct marketing purposes, which is a subject regulated by article 6, paragraph 1, line ‘e’ of the Regulation. Such cases include offers for new products and services you might be interested in, as well as promotion and marketing of additional goods or services. We design bulletins according to our clients’ preferences, and you could be targeted as the right audience. In case you are targeted, you will receive an email.

Your data can be processed when EVENTPLUS has been obliged to cooperate with the authorities in cases of court orders and investigations, as well as in the event of an argument or a complaint from a client.

We can also process your data when we need to contact you or when a correspondence needs to be initiated.

III. What is the data storage period?

We store your data responsibly for as long as we need it to serve our purposes. The storage period is regulated by law. Your agreement for the data storing process remains valid even after all relations between us are canceled.

All private data we collect is stored in your personal account indefinitely.

You can always edit your data. The name and email used to register an account cannot be changed, as they serve as identification data. The account can also be deactivated anytime: all you need to do is contact our team via We will erase your private data after the account is deleted. Except for submitting a request for deactivation of your account, it can be automatically deleted if your subscription expires or if your profile is not completed within 14 days from the initial registration. However, data is stored in the company archive for the following five years in case of follow-up lawsuits or administrative procedures.

IV. Do we use cookies to process your data?

We can collect your private data using cookies. You can learn more here: Cookies Policy.

Apart from the time you are using your website, data such as language preferences, IP addresses, OS of the device used, URL links, and other settings are stored automatically.

V. Why do we collect and process personal data?

Legitimate interests

We store data added by you when you registered an account or submitted an inquiry. We do that by cooperating with you based on your chosen preferences. There are legitimate interests related to using this data in future marketing campaigns meant to inform you about new offers and possibilities you might find useful. We also store data related to your payments in relation to possible lawsuit claims or administrative complaints.


We collect your private data during the delivery of our services to you by processing all payment information: this way, we confirm that you have paid. We can also transfer your data to third parties such as courier companies and banks: this allows us to deliver our services flawlessly. In case the third party is located outside of the EU, we guarantee that your data is processed with care by incorporating the necessary texts in our contracts with third parties.

IV. What are your data protection rights?

The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Union gives you the following rights:

  • The right to access all data we store and process.
  • The right to edit all data we store and process.
  • The right to export your data via a device.
  • The right to refuse storage and processing of all your data, which bans us from processing data even for marketing purposes.
  • The right to withdraw your consent in cases when the consent was granted by law.
  • The right to “be forgotten,” meaning that your data can be deleted once it is not needed for the purposes described in article 17 of the Regulation.
  • The right to require limited processing when your data is no longer needed. We still need to store them in this case because of possible lawsuit claims and administrative complaints.

VII. How to stand up for your rights?

You can use your rights and contact us either via or a posted written inquiry sent to the EVENTPLUS headquarters: P.O. box 1225, Serdika district, 81 Hristo Stanishev Str., Sofia.

We will respond to every request immediately.

VIII. How to stay informed in the event of changes in the data protection policy?

In case of changes in the Regulation, we will post a notification on the EVENTPLUS. We will also send emails when such changes are expected to be announced.

IX. What are the common methods for data protection?

We give our best as a company to guarantee that all personal data we collect is protected from loss or unauthorized access. We use all common means for applying maximum information security, including SLL encryption.


Cookies Policy of “EVENT PLUS BG”

What are cookies?

We use cookies to make our website as useful as possible. Cookies are small data-filled files stored on your computer or other devices. Their aim is to make our website easier to use and more intuitive when data processing is involved.

How do we use cookies?

We use common or tracking cookies, gathering different information about your actions on our website, including the session start, profile logs in, the number of visits, etc. We collect this data for identification purposes, for security reasons, and interface-related needs. All of your data collected via common and tracking cookies can be shared with third parties in relation to order processing and for marketing purposes.

We also use social and advertising cookies gathering information about your actions on our website, such as the hotels and event halls you are browsing and the services you are interested in. This information is shared with Facebook and Google and used for targeted ads based on your preferences.

What is the data storage period?

All data collected via cookies is stored for different periods: it depends on the cookie type.

What are the main reasons for using cookies?

We use common and tracking cookies because we need to deliver our services in the best possible way. They are also used for easier access to your account. We use them because of our legitimate interests and the possibility for you to sign a contract with us or through our company. The social and advertising cookies are used for marketing purposes for which you can agree the first time you visit our website.

How to control cookies?

You can control or delete cookies anytime you want by accessing the settings menu of your browser.